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Who to call for assistance during this interim period

Benefits Department

  • Marcy Scott, Director of Benefits: 817-302-2147

  • Penny Belew, Group Health Plans Manager: 817-302-2145

  • Joanne Goldfarb, Retirement and Benefit Plans Manager: 817-302-2144

Aeromedical Department

  • Ray Duke, Director of Safety, Training, Security, Aeromedical, and Professional Standards: 817-302-2155

  • Lauren Rider, Safety, Training, Security, Aeromedical, and Professional Standards Manager: 817-302-2165

  • Marsha Reekie, Medical Advisors Manager: 817-302-2341

  • Dr. Ed Miles, Pilot Assistance Manager: 817-302-2346

Scheduling Department

  • Vicki Dillivan, Director of Scheduling: 817-302-2405

  • Amy Cashatt, Pilot Scheduling Administrator: 817-302-2317

  • Charlotte Davis, Pilot Scheduling Administrator: 817-302-2319

Communications Department

  • Gregg Overman, Director of Communications: 817-302-2250

  • Dan Koller, Communications Editor: 817-302-2251

Accounting Department

  • Hank Cofield, Director of Finance and Accounting: 817-302-2222

  • Chad Erickson, Controller and Accounting Manager: 817-302-2224

APA Cybersecurity Incident Updates





On October 30, we experienced a cybersecurity incident. Upon discovery of the incident, we immediately took steps to secure our network. Our IT team, with the support of outside experts, continues to work nonstop to restore our systems. We are pleased to report that our restoration efforts are progressing, and we will soon be able to begin to bring back some of our online services. Initially, this will include the majority of our Web 2.0 product. Once the initial restoration is in place, we will continue to restore additional services over the coming hours and days, placing a priority on pilot-facing products and tools. We are working diligently to be fully operational as soon as possible, while keeping the security of our systems front and center.  


Once up, the APA website will contain a Service Restoration dashboard to provide additional information on our restoration efforts.

Concurrent with our restoration efforts, we launched an investigation, under the guidance of third-party cybersecurity experts, to determine the scope of this incident. While the investigation is ongoing, we can share that we have determined the incident was due to ransomware and that certain systems were encrypted. As a result, the restoration of those systems has entailed a methodical and time-consuming process for our IT team and outside experts.


As we work to recover from backups, we are also continuing to assess potential impacts to data, including member data. Investigations of this nature often take time to complete. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to complete the investigation so that we can provide you with accurate information.


We understand that you may have questions about this incident. Please be aware that we will continue to provide additional updates via text and/or email as we have information to share.


Thank you for your continued understanding as we work to complete our restoration and investigation.


APA Communications

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